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Is Your Business in Compliance for 2020?

There are many laws and regulations with which businesses must comply, and the specific laws that are relevant to your company will depend on your industry, workforce, location, and other factors. Once you are confident you are in compliance, legislators might decide to adjust the laws, as they so often do. Many changes and additional laws go into effect on January 1st each year, so it is important to know whether you are in compliance with all new or amended laws for 2020.

Employment-Related Laws

Many new state and federal laws will be in place in 2020 that affect companies with employees. Some of these involve:

  • New overtime requirements, which will increase the number of workers receiving overtime by about 1.3 million
  • An increase in the statewide minimum wage
  • New protections and accommodations for lactating mothers at work
  • Banning discrimination based on an employee’s natural hairstyle
  • Prohibiting companies from requiring employees to sign an arbitration agreement and waive their right to sue as a condition of employment

These are only some of the numerous employment laws taking effect on January 1 in California, and non-compliance can result in complaints from employees and liability.

Consumer Privacy Protections

California passed the most comprehensive consumer privacy law yet in the United States, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will impose new requirements on companies that conduct business online. It is critical to be in compliance with the CCPA to prevent any unnecessary costs or penalties.

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