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Naming Your Business

There are many steps to getting a successful startup off the ground. You need to select the right business entity and file the proper documents, obtain licenses and permits, find commercial real estate space (if necessary), and ensure you are in compliance with all relevant laws. However, one highly important step to starting a business is choosing the right company name.

Some people think that choosing a business name is as simple as finding something catchy that stands out in your market. However, there are additional considerations that should be addressed in the naming process.

Conducting a business search – In California, you cannot register a business with the same or overly similar name as another registered business. This means you need to conduct a business search to ensure your company name can be properly registered with the state.

Conduct a trademark search – You want to make sure that conducting business under a certain name will not result in any allegations of trademark infringement. Imagine that your business is growing and enjoying success. This comes to the attention of another company with the same name, which results in a cease and desist letter to stop infringing on their trademark. Changing your name right as you are growing can put your entire business in jeopardy.

Examine possible URLs – You want your business to be easily searchable online, and you want the URL to make sense regarding the name of your business. See what’s available online before deciding on a specific name.

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