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Our experienced real estate attorneys at Randick O’Dea Tooliatos Vermont & Sargent take great pride in providing high-quality legal counsel and representation regarding all types of real estate matters, including purchases, sales, leasing, management, and development. The transactions we handle on behalf of clients in Alameda County involve many types of properties, such as commercial, high-end residential, industrial, agricultural, office buildings, shopping centers, country clubs, and mixed-use projects.

If you would like to discuss any type of real estate transaction with one of our seasoned lawyers, then please do not hesitate to consult with us today so we can explain all of your legal options and help protect your best interests.

Complex Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

To protect your real estate investment, you need a skilled attorney guiding you through each phase of the process. We commonly handle the following complex real estate matters for clients:

  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements
  • Commercial real estate financing
  • Shared-equity and cohabitation agreements
  • Condemnation planning
  • Property development agreements
  • Construction contracts and sub-contracts
  • Land use planning and permits
  • Environmental law and regulation compliance

Helping Clients of all Backgrounds Save Through 1031 Exchanges

When you sell an appreciated asset, such as investment or rental property, you can be sure the IRS wants to take their share of your proceeds. The applicable capital gains tax can take a large percentage of your monetary gain on the property, leaving you with significantly less to put toward a new real estate investment. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 allows for a like-kind real estate exchange that helps you avoid the capital gains tax, commonly called a “1031 exchange.”

If you sell one property, you can then use the proceeds to invest in another property without being taxed, so long as the properties are “like-kind.” This means that both the sold and purchased real estate must be used for investment purposes or held for productive use in business.

Contact us today at (510) 344-2599 so we can determine if you meet all of the requirements of a 1031 exchange.

Landlord Litigation

Owning rental properties can be a lucrative investment. However, having tenants can also lead to a variety of legal issues. If you have a legal dispute with a tenant, from failure to pay rent to unauthorized subletting, then you need qualified legal representation to help seek eviction or find other possible legal remedies.

Our legal team is equipped with extensive resources to help landlords follow the necessary steps to terminate a tenancy, including providing proper notice, determining whether you must give the option to correct the violation, and filing an eviction (or unlawful detainer) lawsuit to obtain a court order for the eviction.

Legal Services for Country Clubs

People throughout Alameda County and the East Bay Area belong to country clubs where they can golf, swim, eat and drink, socialize, and relax. While owning a private country club can be a lucrative endeavor, many legal issues can also arise. The matters that country club owners face can be complex and might result in substantial liability if not addressed properly and promptly.

Our full-service law firm regularly works with private club clients to minimize risk and maximize success. We make it our goal to foresee any possible legal problems and take the necessary steps to prevent them. Our lawyers are highly sensitive to your club’s desire to provide a qualitative membership experience while balancing the delivery of legal services in a cost-conscious manner.

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At Randick O’Dea Tooliatos Vermont & Sargent, our Castro Valley real estate lawyers get to know each of our clients so we can identify their legal needs and potential issues they might face. For any legal questions or concerns you have related to real estate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can help you understand the laws and regulations that apply to your situation.

Unlock the full potential of your real estate investments with our experienced team of real estate lawyers in Alameda. Whether you're involved in buying, selling, leasing, or resolving property disputes, we offer personalized legal guidance to meet your unique needs. From handling contracts and negotiations to ensuring due diligence, we protect your interests and facilitate seamless transactions. Don't face the complexities of real estate law alone. Get in touch with our Alameda real estate lawyers today for a consultation and secure the professional support necessary for successful real estate ventures.

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