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What Is A Living Trust?

A revocable living trust is a legal entity formed to hold and control assets. A person can place assets into the trust, and upon their passing, these assets are managed by successor trustee up to and through their final distribution. Revocable trusts are flexible documents that can be updated, amended and revoked during your lifetime.

Benefits of a revocable living trust include:

  • Easy to update throughout your lifetime
  • Cost of post-death distribution nearly 1/10th the cost of probate
  • Tax saving structure

Who Needs A Living Trust?

A revocable living trust can help a wide range of people. Here are some common situations in which a living trust may be beneficial to those who are:

  • Seeking a choice over asset distribution while bypassing the probate process. Upon the death of the creator, a living trust allows assets to be transferred easily to chosen beneficiaries without needing a court order.
  • Seeking privacy. Unlike a will, which becomes public record at probate, the terms of a living trust typically remain secret.
  • Those who want an easy and affordable process. A revocable living trust can streamline administration and reduces the delays and costs associated with probate.
  • Concerned about the possibility of becoming incapacitated. A living trust may be used to plan for incapacity. A person can be named as a successor trustee who can manage your assets and make financial decisions on your behalf.
  • For those with blended families, small children, or special asset distribution instructions, living trusts allow flexibility and personalization. Your assets will be dispersed in accordance with your wishes and provide continuing support to loved ones.

At Randick O'Dea Tooliatos Vermont and Sargent, our living trust lawyers in Castro Valley and Pleasanton provide personalized solutions backed by decades of collective legal experience. We understand that all clients have unique needs and we toward creating tailored estate plans that will cover your needs and goals.

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How To Create a Revocable Trust

Creating a revocable trust requires an individual to do most of the work upfront so the distribution of your estate is obstacle free in the future. The process of creating a revocable trust includes the following steps:

  • Catalog all of your assets

  • Name your beneficiaries

  • Assign your trustees

  • Include any property on the trust

  • List your assets

  • Procure investment certificates

  • Include beneficiaries in your bank and insurance company

  • Retitle cars

  • Sign new deads

  • Establish a “pour-over” will that includes future assets to your trust.

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